Brainnet Software

The BFW (Brainnet for Windows) software is designed to fully exploit every possibility of your Medatec device. Its comprehensive list of advanced features covers every aspect of sleep: respiration, sleep stages, cardio analysis, SpO², CO², epilepsy, RBD, autonomic arousals, PLM... This exceptional software, which is continuously updated in line with the latest international guidelines, combines efficiency, flexibility and ease of use in an unrivaled way.

  • Create your own protocols
  • Integrate with hospital's IT systems (HL7, Citrix...)
  • Scalable architecture, one PC up to dozens of workstations
  • Unique High-resolution graphic enhancement
  • Video multi-camera



The reference in wireless sleep

In 2004, the Dream pioneered wireless sleep in Europe. Since then, hundreds of systems prove every day it remains the best in class. In its robust, compact single box, the Dream system combines an unprecedented comfort for the patient with a superb signal quality and an unrivaled number of channels.

  • Wireless transmission
  • One small robust box
  • Huge battery life (24 hrs)
  • On-line and ambulatory recordings

  • B5
  • B3IP
  • B3IP

Brainnet 5

Sleep and EEG: a new generation is born!

MEDATEC proudly presents: the Brainnet 5. Our engineers integrated everything you need for sleep- and eeg registrations in one compact unit, entirely compliant with the AASM2019 recommendations. The new headbox is smaller and lighter, yet has all sensors and electronics built-in. The connection cable has been reengineered to be ultrathin, flexible and extremely rugged. The entire design is centered around patient comfort. The revolutionnary 24 bits DDE technology guarantees cristal-crisp signals without artefacts.

  • B3IP
  • TC09


The golden standard for PSG and EEG

Its impressive specifications and 85 channels make the Brainnet 3 the supercharged workhorse of our product range. Complying with the most demanding international sleep and EEG standards, it is perfectly suited to every exam realised in your lab on adult or infant patients. Our leightweight, small headbox with a one-click flexible cable connection offers the comfort your patients and nurses deserve.

  • Fully compliant with AASM standards
  • Ethernet connection
  • 85 channels
  • Up to 3 synchronized video cameras



Advanced sleep polygraph for home and hospital use.

DreamScan2 is a state of the art sleep polygraph meeting AASM type 3 and 4 classifications. A class apart thanks to its compact design and ease of use (easy hookup for home use). Extremely powerful and complete, including 16 recorded channels and built-in Bluetooth® connectivity.

  • One single module rugged, compact and lightweight for easy hookup and intuitive operation
  • Huge internal memory - Up to 8 recordings in memory
  • Assessment of sleep quality and arousals
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Check all signals in real time
  • Over 22h battery autonomy without recharging
  • No datacompression - optimal signal quality
  • 100% integrated into Brainnet for Windows®
  • Compatible with AASM2017 and INAMI (Belgium)

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