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MEDATEC is moving !

In order to keep serving you the best we can, we let you know that the office of Medatec at Square Jules Algoet 5, 1070 Anderlecht will move to a new address : Auguste Latour Street, 110. 1440 Braine-le-Château.

This change will take place the 20th of augustus

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  • P8
  • P8


All your Evoked Potentials in one system

The combination of our powerful P8 amplifiers and our feature-packed P8 software offers an ultra-complete and multipurpose EP system, that can be used in different areas: consultation, neonatology, ICU or operating rooms. The large number of tools in a very easy-to-use system eases the doctor’s diagnosis. The integration with our EEG/sleep software, and with the hospitals electronic files relieves you of all administrative burden

  • Highly configurable, multipurpose
  • Integration in the hospital's IT system (HL7, Citrix, etc.)
  • Very high quality recordings
  • Wired technology



One device, one connection, two exams

Adding a STIMP8 stimulator to your EEG B4 device offers an unrivalled system: record an EEG (classic or quantified) and a bunch of cognitive Evoked Potentials (P300, NCV, MMN, P50) without even changing an electrode, for a complete neuropsychiatric diagnosis in one run.

  • Efficient, flexible, and ergonomic
  • 34 channels (24 bits) for a complete and precise diagnosis
  • Adjustable and multipurpose
  • DDE technology

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